At Baqueira Beret

Routes in Baqueira Beret

Artiga de Lin

It is a natural place of great beauty, one of the most beautiful in the Aran Valley. It is an accessible route that does not require much effort, suitable for the whole family. It can be accessed by car to the parking of the Uelhs deth Joeu, starting point of the route.


We will leave from the parking lot by the main track until arriving at the waterfall. By a metallic bridge that crosses the Arriu Joeu you accede to the path that ascends parallel to the waterfall which appears and disappears under our feet.
This trail crosses a forest of spruce and beech and leads to the spectacular meadow of the Artiga de Lin, at the foot of Malh dera Artiga. Here the road again becomes a forest trail that leads back to the refuge, which returns us to the starting point.
"It is an ideal route for walking in family and with small children"



The beeches of Carlac look like figures drawn from a story, they are centuries-old trees that leave our mouths open. Be sure to visit the cemetery of Teresa, a civil cemetery in which rests who refused to do so in the holy field of the parish of Bausén.


We leave Bausén along the road that surrounds the upper part of the Church towards the hermitage of Sant Roc to Taishoères. Here we can turn aside to visit the civil cemetery. On the way up the mountainside we arrive at the wonderful beech and fern forest.
We continue parallel to the Arriu or Carlac river, which we will cross a log bridge and gradually, upwards, we will approach Coret or Collado de Pan (1,175 meters), the highest point of the route. From here we  head down to Bòrdes de Sacrotz and Cap des Camps as the road becomes a forest trail, until we reach Bausen again.



The withdrawal of the old glacier under the Colomèrs circus left a set of lakes that form a spectacular landscape.


From the taxi stand of  Montanheta we take the road that ascends to the first of the lakes: Estanh dera Lòssa. From here and following the course of the river without crossing it, we take the path on the right to the refuge of Colomèrs. We  leave on the left the dam and Estanh Major de Colomèrs until the refuge. Leaving the shelter we go up a narrow stretch to the Estanh Mòrt and border it on the left. After climbing a small canal, (following the yellow marks on the way up) we arrive at Estanh des Garguilhs de Jos.
We have to climb a small pass that accesses the Estanh des Cabidornats, to which we leave to our right and we follow the yellow marks to arrive at the Estanh Long. Now we look for the marks GR (white and red) to reach the Còth or Col de Clòto, to reach Estanh Còth de Baish. From this point it descends until it forks and continues along the path to the right until you reach the river and thus, to the starting point.
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